Sunday, 10 October 2010

Look to The Past to See The Future

Someone was asking at, who said “Look to the past to See the Future”?

I don’t know the answer but what struck me is how many people believe that statement to be true.

 image_thumb3[1]The statement can not be true because it pre supposes that by looking at the past will let us see the future. We cant see unless we get some magical spectacles and since we can’t go to the past, we will never get to try on the wonder glasses anyway!

 dr-phil[1]Dr Phil McGraw says “The past is the best predictor we have for the future”, which is probably closer to the truth but personally I do not believe the past predicts the future at all!  What it does for the future, is to provide experience and resources that can be used to influence the present moment. It is what we DO NOW that impacts on, if not creates, the future.

In my own personal coaching model, I disassociate my clients from their pasts, so that it is complete and cannot get in the way of the future that they want to create.
More accurately, I like to separate them from their story ……
……“I mess everything up” …… “No! You messed things up. You have absolutely no proof that you mess EVERYTHING up!”
…… “I can’t stop doing it” …… “No! You didn’t stop doing it. That doesn’t mean that you can’t stop. DOES IT? You’re not doing it right now, are you?  By the way, why did you do it, then?”

 image49[1]In my blog post ‘While You Sleep, Your Brain Keeps Working’, posted on 17th September, John M Grohol, reports that “the brain seems to decide what is important to remember and what is not—and a detailed memory evolves into something more like a story”

So let’s put the past where it belongs ……
…… it does not belong in the present and it does not belong in the future. The main reason it doesn’t exist in the future is that the Future DOES NOT EXIST and never has done and the reason that it does not exist in the Past is that DOES NOT EXIST either and also never has done

It is always now and always will be.
What you DO NOW will help determine the future. More importantly,
how you ARE NOW will determine what you do now

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