Sunday, 29 April 2012

Silent interpretation

“God’s first language is Silence. Everything else is a translation”

Thomas Keating

  • Born 7th March 1923 in New York City
  • Trappist monk (Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance) and priest
  • One of architects of the Centering Prayer, a contemporary method of contemplative prayer and of the Centering Prayer movement and of Contemplative Outreach, Ltd


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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

That's another Storify

I was reading Mark Schaffer's blog post ‘ What Do I Write About? ‘,  the other evening, where he suggests that when we are stuck, we have the following options: “Look to your peer groups, look in your comments, look in your key words and Google it”.

I found his post very useful and I happened to repost it to Facebook, where one of my Facebook friends then thanked me for posting the article because she too found it very useful. She suffers from bloggers block, as I do.
As a blogger,  I understand exactly what this is like because I too have become stuck on what I should write about on more than one occasion and given that my blog is 'Funteresting' - intended to be both Fun and Interesting - sometimes doubt creeps in and I ask myself ‘am I generating either of those two states for my readers?’
However, I find that the interesting and fun things have a tendency just to show up and I notice them if I am aware.
Note that I did not say "paying attention".  Theses are different states:

  • Paying attention is being conscious and bringing my focus to things (I go to it)
  • being aware is allowing things to come to me from my experience in the moment, into my unconscious and conscious states (They come to me).
There is always a pattern to things that when you start linking them together, be it peer groups,  comments, key words, Google finds  or simply what you become aware of. A story emerges.

So what of

Storify is a web site where you can create stories out of postings from elsewhere on the web, such as Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, BreakingNews, Flickr, Chute, SoundCloud, Instagram, GetGlue, StockTwits, Disqus, Google, Tumblr, RSS Feeds, Embedded URLs and Storify itself. gives a much better view on how Storify works
The “create” screen has two halves:
  • A Media collection area where you can search external sites
  • A Story Pad where you can assemble your story
    and add your own commentary  and pictures,  as you assemble the story
It strikes me as a great place to assemble your stories even if you never publish them because you can layout your story, see it and gauge if it fits what you want to create. The ability to review the media that you use is extensive and it doesn’t stop there.

I also use (If This Then That) another site where I can link together different elements of various websites together to take actions across sites or as ifttt themselves say “Put the internet to work for you”
Storify is one of the sites listed by ifttt which means I can automate my media collection amongst other things. For example, here are some of the recipes created by other ifttt users:
  • “If someone tweets a mention of me, it goes to my StoryPad on Storify” - created by jeffthechimp
  • “Send starred Google Reader items to Storify” - created by kopischke 
  • “#instagram to #storify” - created by ajbatac
  • “Post story on #storify, send it to #facebook” - created by by fr33q
Storify allows you to ‘Export’ your stories to Wordpress,  Tumblr, Posterous, Drupal and Mailchimp although, for whatever reason, I have never achieved exporting to Wordpress directly however using!‘s bookmarklet I can post a summary of the story direct to Wordpress and can add my comments there.
Grabbing the HTML code from Wordpress also allows me to blog in
Happy Blogging!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

5 Horrifying Facts You Didn't Know About the Space Shuttle - Forbes

See on - Funteresting Stuff
A very interesting article from It would be easy to read this article from a negative perspective given the famous deaths that occurred but given the technology, what an innovative creation and icon of determination

Criticizing the Space Shuttle is like punching America in the face. After all, it’s been a symbol of national pride for thirty years.
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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Planning for disaster

‎"Most people plan by disaster. They think of what can go wrong and then they master it"
~Richard Bandler

Dr RICHARD BANDLER, Co-founder of Neuro Linguistic Programming and creator of Design Human Engineering(tm) and Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning(tm), has always been and remains at the very forefront of new technologies.
For the past thirty years, Richard has dedicated himself to developing new ideas tools, techniques and models for the advancement of human evolution. His genius as a trainer is world renowned.
Thousands of people provide testimony to his ability to help them to live their lives with greater happiness and freedom. He teaches with humour and joy and continues to care enough to share his newest discoveries with us.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I haven’t got time

I have been saying and hearing “I haven’t got time” a lot recently.
It occurs to me that when people say “I don't have time'”, that they are are actually telling me that there is something that they are in fear of. They are actually leaving something else outstanding, resulting in a stuck state.
Usually this comes out of some sort of fear and the strange thing is that whatever the fear; it  is usually quite insignificant. However, time itself seems to have taken over. Their head is full on conversation about the very thing that they are avoiding. i.e. they are putting in double or treble the effort avoiding something, rather than just doing it.
Here is a link to a conversation about that very point:   what-would-you-like-this-to-procrastinate-about-this-week

So the answer in these situations is not a time management system or even priorities. 
It is usually to do with some form of prior experience where there may have been a failure, an embarrassment, an upset or something that tends towards the unpleasant. Something not to be repeated.
Breaking this down.
  • They are not being honest in the words they are using to converse with themselves.
    At worst they have become a victim of their own self talk. It could be that they are not even saying anything at all related to the subject
  • Their expectations are not being met or have appear to be precarious.
  • A past routine has kicked in.
    The brain cannot unlearn anything and so if they have taught themselves a routine, the more they practice that routine, the better they get at it. The situation reminds them of a prior occasion when they used this technique.
    Like a robot off it fires and takes control.
As you can see all those issues come from past experience but the problem does not exist in the past.  It exists now. 
Some form of getting present is required, albeit meditation, a short, sharp shock, a crisis.  One of those get real moments, some form of upset or simply a change. Anything to break the trance that they are in. A Pattern Interruption, a Hypnotist would say.

A good state changer is Disassociation. 
Disassociation from yourself as a captive of time to becoming a Controller Of Time

Imagine floating out of your body and seeing yourself in your stuck position.  Float all the way around yourself – a full 360°.  Notice what you notice and then, as if you were a puppeteer, move parts of your body: 
Maybe add a smile to your face. Changing your body posture and relocate yourself  into a different position.
Make fine adjustments and introduce a relaxed posture!

Imagine a time that you were told in really funny joke or imagine a time when something really funny happened to you. You could even imagine that the place that you are in has transported itself to a hot sunny beach or to your favourite holiday destination. Substitute any good feeling here (the naughtier the better, I find! Smile)
Try this one:   doreens-story
Imagine floating back in to your body and NOW:
Notice how different you feel.
Notice how different things look. 
Notice how different things sound
Notice how much silence there is
Notice the differences and
Notice how your state has changed NOW
Crank up all the good feelings
Get present to what needs to be done next and

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Easter is Happening

An amusing tweet I received from my tweet pal ‘KP’


Have a great Easter!