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@blogneta Great article re How to Use BCC in an Email. People just don't realise how much spam and stuff they open their friends up to. thanks for posting it

How to Use BCC in an Email

We talk about privicy issues on such places as Facebook, twitter or even Google and yet we trespass on peoples privacy all the time. what a bold statement to make!

We tread on everyones privacy in ways that people are not really aware of and it can cause major problems and that is through our own email.

How many of you get cute, inspirational or funny emails sent by friends or family? We laugh or are inspired by so many of these messages and yet lurking behind all of this is the sending of our email to everyone on a list...all without our permission and that is a privacy issue pure and simple.

For those of you who want to send out emails and retain the privacy of your friends and family, here is a

Amplify’d from

The BCC feature of your email program is a very useful but often overlooked asset. Similar to the CC feature, BCC allows you to send a carbon copy of an email to third parties. The difference, however, is that BCC stands for blind carbon copy, which means that the recipient of the email does not know that anyone else received a copy. Here is how to use BCC in an email.


BBC News - US shoppers hunt for bargains on Black Friday

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Blog Post Review

My laptop if off for repair so posts are being suspended whilst my machine is away, however ....
......Thank you all for reading my blog and for  adding your comments in Facebook and  on other sites.
I have been using the format of a joke 1 day , an article the next followed by a quote the day after , so that an article appears every third day.
As of 1st January, 2011 I will be reducing the amount of posts by 50% and only publishing a post every other day. This will allow me to focus my energies on a new project but in the meantime I have some questions for you:
What categories would you like to see?

  • Stay with 1 Joke: 1 Article: 1 Quote (JAQ)?
  • Something different?
  • Something additional?
BUT … I do intend to step up the amount of ad hoc posts, which will be in addition to the planned posts - these are usually things that I read on web sites and would like to share and I will probably do this using
Thank you for your help. Have a great festive season and a fabulous new year!!

Compulsion (via Free Bar Jokes)


imageA man walked into a bar and ordered a glass of white wine. He took a sip of the wine, then tossed the remainder into the bartender’s face. Before the bartender could recover from the surprise, the man began weeping.

I’m sorry,” he said. “I’m really sorry. I keep doing that to bartenders. I can’t tell you how embarrassing it is to have a compulsion like this.

Far from being angry, the bartender was sympathetic. Before long, he was suggesting that the man see an analyst about his problem.

I happen to have the name of a Psychoanalyst,” the bartender said. “My brother and my wife have both been treated by him, and they say he’s as good as they get.

The man wrote down the name of the Doctor, thanked the bartender, and left. The bartender smiled, knowing he’d done a good deed for a fellow human being.

Six months later, the man was back. “Did you do what I suggested?” the bartender asked, serving the glass of white wine.

I certainly did,” the man said. “I’ve been seeing the Psychoanalyst twice a week.” He took a sip of the wine. Then he threw the remainder into the bartender’s face.

The flustered bartender wiped his face with a towel. “The Doctor doesn’t seem to be doing you any good.” He sputtered.

On the contrary,” the man claimed, “he’s done me world of good.

But you threw the wine in my face again!” The bartender exclaimed.

Yes,” the man replied. “But it doesn’t embarrass me anymore.

via Free Bar Jokes

Monday, 22 November 2010

Be the Poem, Grass Hopper


If you cannot be a poet, be the poem
  ~ David Carradine


John Arthur Carradine was born in Hollywood on December 8, 1936 to Ardanelle  McCool  and noted actor John Carradine.  
Brother of Bruce, half-brother to Keith, Christopher and Robert Carradine
Died June 3, 2009

Best known for his role as Kwai Chang Caine in the 1970s television series, Kung Fu

His acting career included stage, television and cinema roles  over four decades.
He appeared in more than 100 feature films and was nominated four times for a Golden Globe Award, including a nomination was for his title role in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill.

source  wikipedia image

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Kinetic Typography

I recently posted the following video to my Facebook page:
This video has it all!

Brilliant Art

The video is the work of Matt Rogers, freelance graphics artist and web developer  from Perth, Western Australia.

Brilliant Language

The content absorbs me. I am a coach and trainer who practices Neuro Linguistic Programming and I enjoy language!

Stephen Fry

a master of language and when he uses his skill, just like he does in this video, I am hooked!


NLP Practitioners are fully aware of the impact of Nominalisations (turning Verbs into Abstract Nouns). The trouble is that most people ‘label’ themselves with nominalisations, applying nominalisations to their lives -
- they say say things like: “I am a XYZ”. What they mean is that they have done XYZ, in the past.
This has them be stuck with an identity – trapped by their own words!

Matt Rogers

Matt is the creator of
Currently at Curtin University,  just outside Perth, studying Urban and Regional Planning, Matt has always created websites and drawings and is using  his web site to showcase how he has begun to take them more seriously.

imageHis website “is here to show and symbolise that”.
Rogers Creations was created in August 2010 with the goal of creating and sharing high class designs and knowledge, with the aim of providing free web design advice and as a personal blog.
Matt says “I am looking forward to what this website will develop and evolve into and I hope that you join me for the ride”

For the Technically Minded

Matt is a big fan of Adobe Products and often uses Flash, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop and Dreamweaver which are all available (except for Dreamweaver) in the Adobe Creative Suite.


Why does the video fascinate and absorb me so? -
- Because it has extremely high quality and (excuse me) because of the verbalisation of nouns – What that be then?
An antinomilisation?
Excellent Job Matt!

Saturday, 20 November 2010


I recently started an origami business, but it folded ~ anon



Friday, 19 November 2010

A Professional

image"A professional is a person who can do his best at a time when he doesn't particularly feel like it." ~ Alistair Cooke

20th November,1908 – 29th March, 2004
English cultural commentator


Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Conversation with Your Muscles

CaptureA second article taken from my Joint Venturer, Alex Pilz’s blog 

Alex is a Psychologist who has coached the mind set of premier sports teams.

Written within the context of sport, this article also considers the muscular aspects of the mind.

Consider an elastic band.  When it is un-stretched it has no use.  Unless you chew it, an elastic band is only useful when it is stretched.  However, when over-stretched it snaps and will be rendered useless.  Knowing the limits of an elastic band is important to extrapolate its value.  It’s the same with your body.

Use your body at its lower limits and it will have a similar output as an elastic band.  Over stretch your body and something will snap.  So how can you know your upper and lower limits?  Getting out and “participating” will inform you.  However, how can psychological skills training (PST) help you know your limits?  More importantly, once you know your limits (and these limits will change with increased training and competition) PST can help you push the upper limits of your body so that you can get on with mastery of technique (training) and competing (showing on a public platform how well you have mastered your sporting trade).

Imagine your body is that elastic band.  Who does the pulling?  At the lower levels my guess is that you do the pulling.  At the upper limits it might be a combination of your coach, significant others, a mind set (fear of losing sponsorship or a title) and your self.

In the context of training, when your body is stretched, and it screams at you to take it easy (reasoning that no one is looking) recognise the de-motivating and power eroding conversation that takes place when your muscles are burning?  When you articulate a goal that requires you to train at race pace what will it take to be your word?  In a coaching session with a golf client we discussed the differences between being your word and keeping your word.  At our next session his feedback was very positive.   He said, “The difference has increased my inner determination and focus!”  Call me so that we can have a conversation to increase your pathways for success.

At a swimming session an athlete asked about how to convert painful muscles she experienced she was in tight second with 65m left on a 200m race.  Her muscles seemed to yell unspoken words that she clearly understood.  I asked, “Do you respond or do you react?”  What does the conversation with your aching muscles and burning lungs look like when the elastic band is stretched and kept stretched?  How does such a competition experience impact the conversations you have when you return to training.

Engaging PST will equip your mental tool box with tools and techniques; however application at the coalface includes inner conversations about creating options and making choices.  Whether preparing for the Olympic Games or returning to training/competition following an injury the conversations you have will contribute to producing desired or undesired results.  Call me – how can we influence your self talk to create more pathways to success.

source Muscle image

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


They laughed when I said I wanted to be a comedian.
They're not laughing now!   ~  Bob Monkhouse


Robert Alan Monkhouse, OBE (1 June 1928 – 29 December 2003)  entertainer and comedy writer. Comedian, television presenter and game show host, famous for his quick ad-lib and one-liners.

Source  image

Monday, 15 November 2010

Don’t Drink and Facebook - New Plugin Mitigates the Fallout

A clever thought to service today's behaviour.
Personally, on my Facebook News Feed, I have witnessed the public outpouring of harsh words following broken romances and broken relationships. Yet, knowing those same people, when they are not drunk, proves that potentially, Jeckyll and Hyde exist in all of us.
My recourse = Hide the offenders from my News Feed.
Prevention is better than cure – what a great idea!
Sensible censoring?
What do you think?
See this Amp at

Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Ship’s Parrot

imageA magician on a cruise ship is constantly having his tricks spoilt by the ships parrot.
Every time he does a trick the parrot shouts "its in his pocket” , “4 of clubs” , “its got a false bottom” !
The magician hates it. 
That night the ship sinks and both he and the parrot cling to a piece of drift wood.
For four days the parrot says absolutely nothing and just stares at the magician
On the fifth day the parrot says "OK, I give up. Where's the ship?

Saturday, 13 November 2010



Emotion is the chief source of all becoming-conscious

~ Carl Jung


Thursday, 11 November 2010


Liberated from my friend, Samuel D Naples’ Facebook newsfeed:image

A little girl was talking to her teacher about whales.
The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it was a very large mammal its throat was very small.

The little girl stated that Jonah was swallowed by a whale.
Irritated, the teacher reiterated that a whale could not swallow a human; it was physically impossible.

imageThe little girl said, 'When I get to heaven I will ask Jonah'.
The teacher asked, 'What if Jonah went to hell?
'The little girl replied, 'Then you ask him'.

@Rickbischoff Good to eConnect

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

One Song


This appears on my Friend Rhian Pamphilon’s Facebook page:

“Show the world and all its people
All the wonders love can bring
Give us strength and understanding
Give us all one song to sing”

~ Lionel Ritchie

I am up for one song
Which song would you choose?

Lionel Brockman Richie
Born June 20, 1949
American singer-songwriter and record producer
Sold more than 100 million records.


bio image

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Writing Comedy to Make People Laugh their Heads Off

By: Brian Scott
Just how funny are you? There are plenty of people out there who think they are funny, but they suck. Then there are people who really are funny - apart from their work as a comedian. They are constantly joking around and playing gags on others. Laughing and making others laugh is their normal, everyday life.
There are also people who are really funny onstage, but in their private lives they don't crack jokes and raise laughs every minute. In fact, they may be serious people - some are even shy, quiet people you would never dream of being comedians. Others are funny all the time, whether they are on the stage or off it. They realized that they had an innate ability to crack people up and they love doing it. Still others are really funny people, but they are not comedians and don't aspire to be on the stage at all.
But all successful comedians have one thing in common. On the stage, they can make people laugh. Some only have to walk onto the stage and people start to laugh before they even speak. So do you have what it takes?
Many comedians start out writing their own material, but if they just can't see the funny side of things this may not be a good idea. A comedian might be able to present material in a way that makes people laugh, but if the material he or she presents is not all that funny, then success will be elusive - or non-existent. Many successful comedians depend on good writers for their material.
So if you really want to be a comedian, yet people don't seem to be impressed, it may be that the material is not right for you, or perhaps it is not even all that funny. In this case you would be well advised to use material that someone else writes for you. If you 'steal' another comedian's material, you could get into trouble.
The best reason for being a comedian is because you love doing it. If you get into the business to make money or become famous, you're likely to be seriously disappointed. Those things may come to you if you are good - and persevere, but don't count on it. If you are fulfilling an ambition and doing what you love to do, then it won't matter if they don't come, you'll still be happy.
About the Author
Learn how to become a screenwriter today. Visit Brian's website, and learn about screenwriting and writing screenplays.
(ArticlesBase SC #3353786)
Article Source: - Writing Comedy to Make People Laugh their Heads Off

Image from

Mystery Missile Launch Seen off Calif. Coast - CBS News


Monday, 8 November 2010



Q. Why don't cannibals eat clowns?
A. Because they taste funny.


The Greatest Mistake

"The greatest mistake we make in living is living in constant fear that we will make one.”
            ~ John C. Maxwell

About John Maxwell

image John C. Maxwell is an internationally respected leadership expert, speaker, and author who has sold more than 19 million books. Dr. Maxwell is the founder of EQUIP, a non-profit organization that has trained more than 5 million leaders in 126 countries worldwide. Each year he speaks to the leaders of diverse organizations, such as Fortune 500 companies, foreign governments, the National Football League, the United States Military Academy at West Point, and the United Nations. A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Business Week best-selling author, Maxwell has written three books that have sold more than a million copies: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Developing the Leader Within You, and The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader. His blog can be read at He can be followed at

Real Estate Investing Seminar - Wealth From Property


Property Investing can really suck the life out of you, and the money out of your bank account, especially if you are inexperienced, or investing in a new area or new strategy.

Horror stories abound – people who start off thinking they are going to create a nest egg and all they end up with is a total disaster that takes years to recover from and takes a toll on their health and family life.

Wouldn’t it make sense to find someone who's already cracked the code and can give you the inside track on the secret to making money in property BEFORE you get started or make your next investment? Wouldn’t you rather suck all that profit-making info out of the experts than have a bad property investment suck the life out of you?

It could be the difference between cracking open a bottle of champagne to celebrate the profits on your latest property or cracking up under the pressure of a poorly planned and ill-advised investment.

Here’s some living proof from people who got the edge by finding their own property mentor…

Phil Wilde –built a £750,000 property portfolio in just 12 months, whilst working a full-time job! Plus, he generated an extra £30,000 in income on top of his wage.

Shantelle Golding – traded 17 properties in just one year and made £100,000 – all as a stay at home Mum (and guess what, the money she made enabled her husband to quit his job and start investing with her full time!)

James Collin – within 12 months he is living in the £500,000 home of his dreams and he owns 7 investment properties generating him an income of over £2200 a month!

Ever heard the saying “It’s easy once you know how!” … that’s particularly true when working with a property mentor… each of the people mentioned above has dramatically changed their financial position in just one year. They’re earning more, working less and building an asset for their future.

Where will you be in 12 months time?

If you’d like to find out their secrets and potentially revolutionise your finances through property, I have FREE tickets for you to attend Wealth From Property on November 20 in London.

Five of the UK’s best property mentors will be there to share their property investing secrets with the lucky few who claim their tickets. These are the same mentors who’ve helped the people mentioned above (and hundreds of other happy property investors - you could be next!).

Click to claim your complimentary tickets valued at £597 each

Here’s to your success,

Ken Wood


ThinkBIG Education

P.S. This event is less than two weeks away – be sure to act now to claim your complimentary tickets.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Falling asleep with a hypnagogic jerk

image Now I have met a few jerks in my time but this one I encounter virtually every night and what is more I didn’t realise I did!
Apparently a hypnagogic jerk is and involuntary twitch that occurs as you fall into sleep. Some might say it is the conscious mind reminding you that it is still around.
Even the twitch has a name; its called a myoclonic twitch. Sudden muscle contractions in one or a group of muscles.

“Hypnogogic Exploration” is a technique for falling asleep and requires you to lay with your eyes closed in a darkened and quietened room until images appear. These images come from your unconscious.
As they start the duration is short but as you go deeper into  state they can become longer in duration.
So I guess that it is ok to sleep with jerks.
Just make sure they are the right ones for you.

Sweet dreams!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Did you ever notice

image Did you ever notice that musicians play and doctors practice but the rest of us work for a living!


Source Allan Renaud - Chester - NH – USA

Thursday, 4 November 2010



“If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door” ~Milton Berle

source Twitter user

Milton Berle

Born Milton Berlinger July 12, 1908. Died March 27, 2002
Extremely popular Jewish American comedian, who performed in vaudeville, radio, television, and film.

Headlined  for Star Theater on NBC from 1948 to June 14, 1955. 
The show had 80 percent share of TV viewing audiences and many theatres and other businesses closed on Tuesday nights, because people stayed home to watch it.


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

If you are questioning your teacher …..

My nephew Martin “Magic” Johnson travels the world as a professional drummer and just like a sailor has a girl in each port, he seems to have a drum kit in every city.

In the following video he explains his strategy to learning. Filmed during a Q&A session at a drum clinic in South Africa in 2009, he explains how he learnt from his first drum teacher – he says:

image“find a teacher you have a great respect for and absorb everything they do”

“if you are questioning your teacher then question yourself and if you are still questioning your teacher, after that then find another teacher”…
“the best thing a teacher can give you is that kind of inspiration”….
“if you are going to fake it, fake it convincingly”

This is a very interesting video in many respects, his philosophy, certainly his skill!  Watch him play one handed!  and his sense of reality.  Way  To Go Mart!

“the best thing a teacher can give you is that kind of


Mr Noisy in action - “The one that got away”

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Fine Wine

I told my wife that a husband is like a fine wine; he gets better with age.

The next day, she locked me in the cellar.


source image

Next PARTY 10th November 2010 Oxted Community Hall Church Lane Surrey

NLP House Party was designed to make people aware of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

This is not done in a traditional educational way but in a way that the party goers can see the magic of NLP for themselves. Not designed to educate but designed to capture imagination. The way that children learn.

Stories and participation are abundant at NLP House Parties!

At the Party (and that is a hypnotic suggestion) Party Goers play along with the hosts. They see immediate changes in other Party Goers and themselves.

This is the Wow factor!

Create your own adventure because experience is all that there is.

Arthur Partridge

(aka AyPee)

A licensed Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Business and Personal Coach , Trainer and strategic thinker from a Blue Chip Multinational background, who successfully pioneered simple solutions to resolve complex problems, optimised resources to reduce overheads and increased the bottom-line through creative, unconventional and often ‘Ground Breaking’ thinking. A visionary, who works with a blank sheet to create solutions, enrolls people into new ways of thinking and creates communities to deliver results.

Broad base of experience in Strategic Planning, Finance and Business Risk, I.T., Stock and Production Planning, Logistics, Customer Services, Human Resources, Merchandising and Retail.

Having spent 33 years in various planning and administrative roles for a Blue Chip Multinational, in 2000, I started AyPeeCo to help people and small businesses who got stuck.

Four years in retail, serving customers, staff and suppliers alike, added to my experience; where I also trained staff in all aspects of service and clarifying the mechanics of human behaviour to the benefit of all.

Over a 20 year period in Basketball, I learned about people from people as a referee , a coach, as Chairman of Surrey Basketball League, Surrey Area Basketball Committee and Surrey Basketball Executive and as Chairman of The London Basketball Region.

My NLP was learnt from whom, I consider, are the best:

Dr Richard Bandler – the co-developer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (NLP) and the creator of Design Human Engineering™ (DHE).

Michael Neill – Master NLP Trainer. The bestselling author of “You Can Have What You Want” and “Feel Happy Now”. An internationally renowned success coach

John La Valle MBA – Master NLP Trainer. The President of The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™

Paul McKenna PHD – Master NLP Trainer. Probably the world’s most famous Hypnotist and TV Personality. Paul provides strategies for life improvement . His books include ‘Change your life in 7 days’, ‘Instant Confidence’ and I Can Make You Thin’.

I’m here to make positive and mostly life changing differences to peoples’ lives.


* Making the whole experience fun

* Confidence and Performance Coaching, Neuro-Linguistics (NLP), Hypnosis, Training in Customer engagement, Selling through service, Building Community into Business.

* Combat Fears, Phobias, Habits and Addictions Weight Control and Smoking cessation

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Another quotation about success (previous blog post 10th August,2010.)

“Success is blocked by concentrating on it and planning for it. Success is shy - it won't come out while imageyou're watching”
Tennessee Williams

Author of  A Streetcar Named Desire (1947), winning him his first Pulitzer prize in 1948
Writer of several Broadway hits including Summer and Smoke, The Rose Tattoo, and Camino Real.

The Glass Menagerie and A Streetcar Named Desire were made into major motion pictures as well as Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (his  second Pulitzer Prize in 1955), Orpheus Descending, Night of the Iguana and Summer and Smoke

sources Twitter user and  Wikipedia