Sunday, 7 November 2010

Falling asleep with a hypnagogic jerk

image Now I have met a few jerks in my time but this one I encounter virtually every night and what is more I didn’t realise I did!
Apparently a hypnagogic jerk is and involuntary twitch that occurs as you fall into sleep. Some might say it is the conscious mind reminding you that it is still around.
Even the twitch has a name; its called a myoclonic twitch. Sudden muscle contractions in one or a group of muscles.

“Hypnogogic Exploration” is a technique for falling asleep and requires you to lay with your eyes closed in a darkened and quietened room until images appear. These images come from your unconscious.
As they start the duration is short but as you go deeper into  state they can become longer in duration.
So I guess that it is ok to sleep with jerks.
Just make sure they are the right ones for you.

Sweet dreams!

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