Friday, 26 November 2010

How to Use BCC in an Email

We talk about privicy issues on such places as Facebook, twitter or even Google and yet we trespass on peoples privacy all the time. what a bold statement to make!

We tread on everyones privacy in ways that people are not really aware of and it can cause major problems and that is through our own email.

How many of you get cute, inspirational or funny emails sent by friends or family? We laugh or are inspired by so many of these messages and yet lurking behind all of this is the sending of our email to everyone on a list...all without our permission and that is a privacy issue pure and simple.

For those of you who want to send out emails and retain the privacy of your friends and family, here is a

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The BCC feature of your email program is a very useful but often overlooked asset. Similar to the CC feature, BCC allows you to send a carbon copy of an email to third parties. The difference, however, is that BCC stands for blind carbon copy, which means that the recipient of the email does not know that anyone else received a copy. Here is how to use BCC in an email.


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