Wednesday, 29 December 2010

News Year’s Resolution–being Resolute

determined, set, firm, dogged, fixed, constant, bold, relentless, stubborn, stalwart, staunch, persevering, inflexible, purposeful, tenacious, undaunted, strong-willed, steadfast, obstinate, unwavering, immovable, unflinching, unbending, unshakable, unshaken a decisive and resolute international leader, weak, doubtful, unresolved, undecided, unsteady, undetermined, irresolute
As we step into 2011, many will want to Change:
     change habits, appearance or other behaviours and then by end January, or soon after, the desire to change will seemingly go away.
imageThis probably happens because the foundation for change is not established before the action takes place.
It seems to me that having reasons to Change, is not a good start and using behaviours like Will Power just doesn’t work!
It’s a Double Whammy
     confronting the issue by behaving in a way that is not normal for the person who is trying to change.

How would it be if there were no reason to change?
Just like choosing a chocolate from a chocolate box or a piece of fruit from a fruit bowl -
choosing something because you fancy it.
So whatever, you fancy doing, enjoy choosing it and stop using determination, being set, being firm, being dogged, being fixed ……………………………….
Whatever you resist will persist, so be kind to yourself and enjoy your new year

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