Saturday, 4 June 2011

Awareness without action

I’ve been an admirer of Phil McGraw’s quotes for quite some time and when I am coaching I love asking one particular question of his:

How’s that working for you?”

Here is another quote that I enjoy:

“Awareness without action is worthless”

Dr. Phil McGraw


Following on from a recent blog post "What would you like to procrastinate about this week?" , I observe more and more how people devise (perfect) strategies that keep them stuck. They are extremely busy and mostly stressed or tired not achieving their dreams.

The interesting thing about Phil McGraw’s quote is that many people now work on their awareness but for what purpose?

In my trade, expanded awareness is the name of the game.

When I get to coach or even hypnotise my clients I have to be unconsciously aware of their state, their physiology and the language they are using and of anything else that comes my way BUT if no action follows then all that has taken place is a conversation.

So I am always looking for my clients to take action as soon as possible. The sooner the better.



Quote image video from dothetest @You Tube

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