Sunday, 10 July 2011

A Hypnotic Parking Dilemma?

I was asked a question in Quora the other day – I know not why:

Why do people park right next to other cars in a parking lot when there are many other open spots available? Is it pure laziness, disrespect for proximity, a desire to be near other people, or something else?

I answered

Because their conscious thinking is limited at the time, which means their ability to respond is limited and therefore they are irrespons-Able

and then I was asked to elaborate, which I duly did.

This was a good conversation point and helped me to think through another aspect of understanding others:

  • The conscious mind can only process between 5 and 9 things before confusion or stress sets in. At that stage people can go into auto pilot and stop thinking
  • All skills are unconsciousness.

  • In an unconscious state measures can distort or even disappear:
    e.g. time disappears
    e.g. functionality is impaired

  • When people are parking at supermarkets their thinking is not on parking, they are usually future pacing what they need to do in the shop and possible what they need to do after
    They are not functioning in the present, they are already functioning mentally in the future.

  • Whilst this is going on they may also be dealing with the kids, whilst dealing with x, whilst dealing with y, whilst dealing with z
    - the 5-9 conscious slots fill up and thinking becomes impaired and unconscious states can kick in.

  • Parking in this context becomes an unconscious (non thinking ) activity and so the unconscious herding (Survival/Safe) instinct may kick in.
    So they unthinkingly park with the other cars even if there is loads of space elsewhere

  • So this scenario isn’t just about parking. It can relate to any scenario where someone is not present to what they are doing because they conscious slots available to them have been filled up


Why is this useful?

Because when someone is not functioning consciously they enter an altered state, usually trance. A state when it is easier to make suggestions into their unconscious and in my line of business those would be beneficial suggestions to a client …

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