Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Who might you be?

I work as a Possibility Strategist, causing others to achieve.
I am a Specialist Practitioner in Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning. I am a Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming. I am also a Hypnotic Practitioner and TFH level 2 Kinesiologist
My personal possibility for life is Courage, Love and Vitality and when I am working well then usually Humour, Defiance and Logic are present.
My joy is being present and having fun, which is 1 reason why I run NLP House Parties.
This is actually what I DO. It is not who I AM, despite the wording used in the statement.
I have the benefit of presenting the above as me to the outside world, while I can retreat to something completely different in private and I can step away from the statement completely if I so choose, whenever I want.
This week Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has been the head of state for 60 years!  The maximum period for people to have a one job is around 40 years and considerably less nowadays but to BE the job for 60 years is something most of us will probably never experience.
And there are many more in the world that BE the work they DO. The Dalai Lama, is obviously one.
Clearly these people do have private times but who they are is so closely allied to their job that who they BE and what they DO is almost the same thing. This, I guess determines what responsibility is.
Responsibility is when I BE what I DO
So for me, if I am being responsible, I have to BE
  • strategic in helping others create possibility
  • the cause of others achieving things
  • practising skills that I have learnt and devised
  • Courageous, Loving and Vital
  • Humorous, Defiant and Logical
  • present and having fun
It’s just a thought.
Who might you be?

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