Sunday, 4 November 2012

Who Else is a Female, in or Thinking of Being in, Their Own Business?

I have been aware lately of many Women oriented events , appearing mainly on Facebook and was pleasantly surprised to come across this Magazine. It’s different and worth a good read … and, ladies why not write something for it? …  AND being a Coach / Mentor I like what they  say:

“This magazine is for the go-getters, for the ones who believe, for the ones who dare and the ones who succeed!

We want to leave you feeling fired up and ready to take on the world and achieve amazing things!”

Isn’t that just the role of a coach? …


The Fastest Growing Magazine for Female Entrepreneurs

carriebwIt’s not often that you come across something which is free…and of great value. Well, a relatively new magazine entitled This Girl Means Business certainly fits the bill.

The magazine is the fastest growing digital magazine for female entrepreneurs.

Instead of talking about the latest celebrity faux pas, how to lose weight and how to spice up your love life, This Girl Means Business talks about women who have built successful businesses, how to turn ideas into a reality and how to get the right mind-set for living an amazing life. With its unique style and inviting language, it’s really stuck a chord with women looking to achieve amazing things.

Sharing interviews with people such as Louise Hay, Kim Kiyosaki, Michelle Mone andimage Michael Gerber, the magazine aims to inspire women with stories and insights from truly successful people. The magazine also shares interesting stories about women from all over the world – from girls in their teens to women in their 80s, from women who have survived cancer and started a business, to women who quit their jobs to start a business. From raising finance to get started, to starting on a shoestring budget – the magazine aims to cover a diverse range of topics, all helping the readers to be inspired to excel.

Within the first 4 months of launching, the magazine was seen by over 1.3 million people. This is a magazine that’s really making a difference. There is nothing like it for women and it aims to fill the gap in the market.

Check out the latest issue of the magazine >>here<<

They’re always on the look out for contributors, so if you would like to get involved find out more  >>here<<

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