Friday, 28 June 2013


I was having a bit of rant on FB this morning and I thought B*** IT!
Yes why not?
Blog it!

I have the privilege of sharing what I think with the world in so many ways now and I own (not mine really, more generously given to me by Wordpress) a blog.

I was taken by a picture of a child eating crumbs from the floor and so I decided to post it every day, this week and just ask a question each day.
The first publication included the question: “Why?”
Today’s question is “Invisible?”

Each day the responses have grown and each day there is more passion being expressed by those that have responded.

As the world occurs to me right now:
WE are way, way out of balance!

The divide between the ‘have’ and the ‘have nots’ has never been greater and a massive breakdown is going to occur so we can achieve a very much needed break-though.


Arthur Partridge #StartRant
Yes the vulnerable take the brunt and the most vulnerable (those that can do the least about it) take most of the brunt.
tempThere is enough resource in this world to stop this but it seems that humans have to HOLD ONTO resources for their own survival. Even though sharing resources grows resources.
So survival requires sharing but that depends on just how vulnerable you are.
Meaning, in the current model, if you have nothing to trade, then you are nothing and shouldn't be here
Great model, ugh?
Be proud Humanity. You have come a long way

Am I wrong?

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