Monday, 26 July 2010

Get Your Vision and Make ProVision for Your Success - Automize it Now too!

This item is from one of my trainers in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Elvis Lester. It is taken from his ‘NLP in Hypnosis' group in ‘Linked In’.

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image When you get an impetus to do a specific activity/action and you don’t what did you do to not do?

You likely said no, or focused on something else that was more prominent in your awareness.

So – use this and make what you know is important and needs to get done PROMINENT – so that IT IS what you focus on and SAY YES to doing and do it. Swiftly proceed to action, and get it DONE!

What are the things you already do this with? Those behaviours that you don’t even have to think about, you just do. You have automized these behaviours, haven’t you?

This is a strategy of sorts. The way you sort for these activities is refined and it works and it's probably just “outside conscious awareness” (unconscious). You have already made a way of actuating and then activating – a way of reminding yourself and doing the behaviour literally without thinking. You’ve likely got an anchor and then a response already set up to link and launch. That’s what I call it.

You link to the idea or the VISION of it and you have already made a PROVISION for that behaviour. You have a structured response preset – patterned and YOU GO FOR IT --> DO IT.

There must be other behaviours and actions, activities that you desire or require to get done, even today, especially today. Isn't there?! You can use this very understanding, a real skill you already possess, to program your desired responses, to condition yourself and them in the same way so that they kick in when you need them to to get done what you must do TODAY. That's right!

Just identify the behaviour, make it look and sound and feel like those you do automatically. Actually code it in the same terms and conditions. Put it in these very same “terms” and conditions in your mind so that you do it with ease and expedience. Why? Because you can.

It is simple if you don’t make it hard. That’s how you did the others anyway isn’t it. You just did them with no real challenge. Somehow with your ability, conscious and/or unconscious, you simply, easily, and without much of a challenge or even really having to think about it you just did it. Give it a whirl, spin up that determination and get on fire for it. Let your unconscious be the guide and Go For It! Have some fun and enjoy the ride to success today.

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