Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Speed Reading Tricks

I attended a Photo Reading course earlier this year.

Speed Reading and Photo Reading had fascinated me for quite some time and I had visions of consuming books in mass quantities and reciting chapters at the drop of a hat. But the intention around Photo Reading is not that.
Photo Reading is about gaining and recalling information.

During the course, quite a few of the delegates found that books fell open at the pages where the information that we wanted to find was printed (Spooky) A few years back, I had read Tony Buzan’s book “The Speed Reading Book”, published by BBC publications. In a week my speed had gone from 250 words per minutes to close to 800, through a series of very simple exercises.

Speed Reading: Accelerate Your Speed and Understanding for Success (Buzan Bites)

At Geoff Roll’s recent “Touch for Health” Kinesiology course (http://wp.me/pOj1e-6K), we were shown how to balance ourselves or others to be able to read without stress and to improve our reading ability. Not only did that happen but the added benefit was an increase in focal length both closer and further away from our eyes. Our normal range of reading position had increased!

Interestingly, during the Photo reading Course some of the set up exercises were the same as the set up techniques taught at the “Touch for Health” Kinesiology course. There appears to be a variety of ways in which one can read very quickly. Here is one technique that I came across. It is from http://www.dailyblogtips.com/one-speed-reading-trick-that-does-work/

One Speed Reading Trick That Does Work

by Daniel Scocco Reading is one of the main ways we use to absorb information, and being able to read fast is something that most of us would like. If you could read 100% faster, for instance, you would read twice as many books every year, or the newspaper twice as fast every morning. The problem is that most speed reading tricks and techniques never work as promised. This week I came across a video explaining a trick that surprised me though. It takes some time to get used, but once you do I am sure you will feel a tangible increase in the speed that you read. Here is the video:


More DIY videos at 5min.com
The basic idea is that you need to stop reading with your larynx (i.e., trying to pronounce each word as you go, even if just mentally) and start reading with your eyes (i.e., the information is processed by the brain immediately as you see it). The trick to shift from one to the other is try pronounce something as you read, like “aeiou” or “123.” Sounds weird, but for me it worked.

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  1. This is some great information. I never enjoy sitting down and reading a book till i started speed reading!