Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Call to Actively Relate?

I don’t know how you view Social Media.

for you: is it a Call to Action or a Call to relate?

In many respects Social Media and Internet Marketing have become one. I suppose that there is a concept that we use Social Media to market ourselves and generally speaking, overlooking that it is a place where we can get into new relationships to others.

It is perceived as being different to meeting people  face to face.

As an example, lets look at the normal  kitchen at parties scenario:

CaptureAt a party, you enter the kitchen to find your friend talking to someone you don’t know. Usually, your friend will introduce this unknown person to you and you get into conversation. Introductions occur and conversation grows

If your friend was having a conversation with that person, they may engage you  in the conversation or will postpone their conversation until later or maybe cancel that conversation altogether

Now lets take the usual Facebook conversation scenario:
AyPee posts something on to his personal Facebook  page.
Joe Bloggs responds and a conversations starts
John Smith reads AyPee’s post and he responds also.

At this point there are two separate conversations

If it were the Party Scenario an introduction would have been made and a three way conversation started but this is Facebook and what happens generally is that the 2 conversations remain separate.

If the conversations join together, the parties then usually remain in their separate relationships no introduction is made from the host or from either party. 

Now, that is a generalisation and is not always true but by and large, it is.


Conversations are a call to relate and an opportunity to grow our community. Opportunities are gifts and most gifts come from related people

Teams can only function in Community

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