Thursday, 1 December 2011


I am sure that sometimes scriptwriters write gems without realising it.
Here is one from the TV series Eli Stone


“A gift is something that is given, you don’t own it.
The World does.
The World is asking you to use it
and you don’t get to say no,
no matter how much you might want to”

~ Eli Stone

I appreciate the sentiment. I believe it is our job to contribute and serve and to receive an appropriate reward for doing so.

Eli Stone (TV Series 2008–2009)

American TV series and name of the title character, played by Scot, Jonny Lee Miller.

Eli Stone is a lawyer in San Francisco, who suffers from a brain aneurysm which causes him to have visions, usually about the future and which lead him to take on cases where he is of best use and morally right.

His predictions save lives and he becomes a recognised prophet in his community.

The series was created by Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim and aired on ABC from January 2008 through to July 2009.
It is currently being broadcast by Sky, in the UK.

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