Saturday, 3 March 2012

and SLEEP!

I’ve just taken the week off:
no blogging, less Tweeting and Facebooking and all because I took a 3 day course.  It strikes me that whenever I break my routines, I tend to revaluate and return to the routines slowly and sometimes not at all!
Actually, this is no surprise. In hypnosis, amongst other mindful sciences and arts, “Pattern Interruption” is away to gain access to the unconscious. I was really surprised how quickly this is done in show-hypnosis! (the subject of the 3 day course that I attended).  I have seen it done many times but never used it until the course.Hypnotic Blue Eyes Young Woman iStock_000001985550XSmallIt is almost a short sharp shock. Obviously there is more to it than that but just consider the value of a short, sharp, shock  in your life. I know that is has reset me on quite a few occasions. If you have children and they are beginning to run out of control then you may recognise that when you did something suddenly and unexpectedly your children stopped what they were doing, almost immediately.
As I have mentioned before Landmark Education have a phrase: “Breakthrough always follows Break down”.  So I now equate a Pattern Interruption to a Breakdown (to a reset) to a sudden point of unconsciousness and to a sudden occurrence of creativity or maybe to a sudden answer to something that you have been trying to work out.
The hypnotic state caused by the pattern interruption is the opportunity to amend or reset a behavioural or thought pattern and possibility breaks through.
Now, wide awake, return to your screen, invigorated and raring to go! (Just kidding)
Open-mouthed smile

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