Thursday, 30 September 2010

I can’t hear what you are saying

Here is a scan of a birthday card from my last birthday ( I was 60, but don’t tell anyone. They think I’m 29!) and recently a new friend on Facebook “liked” it.
I  liked it so much I used it for my Facebook Profile Picture for a while, but it does beg the question:

image Is it true that Senior Citizens smile because they can’t hear what you’re saying?

Probably (……. NOT!)

It makes me laugh because according to the classifications I am a Senior Citizen (HEY out there! 60 IS THE NEW 40!) but I have to admit I enjoy the free bus travel, the discounts on the trains and I am even going to get a Heating Allowance this year.

Here’s the deal

  • with age supposedly comes wisdom and a Senior can become a place where people come for advise (I have a teenage daughter … tell me about it)
  • Seniors  have probably experienced many things and instinctively know how to do stuff  (You think? Most people think I can do almost everything – please don’t tell them I can’t , I love the celebrity!)
  • 0,,21281620,00[1]A Senior is probably more passive and less excitable (This is ME you’re talking about … less excitable?! Yeah Right!)   

You see, with all that demand, the one thing a Senior does enjoy is a little bit of piece and quiet ……… “sorry, what did you say?” “Sorry, I didn’t hear you”.

0,,21281620,00[1]And, of course, the great thing about having a bus pass is that I can tell people that I am coming to visit but not tell them how long forNOW, THAT IS SENIOR!

Can you hear me? Ha ha

Superhero illustrations by Donald Soffritti
have a look at to see the mates I go partying with

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