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Winning Sales Through NLP Techniques

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We take meaning from our experiences, this is what NLP is about. As a sales professional being able to change the meaning your customer has about your product is extremely advantageous. You can do this with NLP. Following are a few of the many NLP techniques and how they relate to sales.

Sales with NLP Rapport

Building responsiveness in your customer is what NLP Rapport is really about in a sales context. Beyond ordinary matching and mirroring is building anticipation loops, covert hypnosis and pacing and leading styles to build responsiveness.The advantage of a good NLP practitioner course is developing processes that are unique for you and you can apply directly to your environment.

Emotions through NLP Training

You can have a choice over how you feel about particularly events. There are many NLP tools that can show you how to do this. Turning negative feelings into positive motivation would make a difference in a sales environment.For instance you could install states of confidence in yourself, the product and the process whilst banishing low self confidence, desperation and fear of rejection.

Whilst having these NLP techniques would be immensely useful for everyone think about how much more useful they instantly become when you realise that you can apply the same techniques to other people whether your sales team or customers. Would you want people to get excited, curious or interested in you, your product or your company?

Understanding the Customer with NLP Techniques

A route to more and better sales would be to understand the values, beliefs and motivations of your customers. The basics of NLP are about being able to uncover just these sorts of things. Underneath a person’s behaviour is the answer to why they might buy one product and yet reject another. If you could attach your product to your customer’s deepest needs how many more sales would you make? A good NLP Practitioner Course could teach you to be able to do this.

Convert NLP Hypnosis in Sales

There is much about hypnotic language patterns and covert hypnotic techniques talked about on the internet. If you take away all the hype and false expectations there are some exceptionally good uses for this in a sales situation.

In basic terms language is just one filter that operates on our experience of the world. By understanding how this filter operates we can use it to capture and lead the imagination to where you want it to go. This could be getting excited about buying, bypassing objections or even changing beliefs. Having NLP hypnotic persuasion processes as part of your tool kit will allow you to lead the thoughts of your prospects in a buying direction. For example, you might lead your prospect away from the expense of your product and towards the massive return of investment. You might completely do away with buyer's remorse through a hypnotic technique such as future pacing or just attaching good feelings to your product. Future pacing is a simple technique where you can get your prospect to imagine themselves with all the benefits that your product or service brings.

Sales, the perfect NLP Application

NLP Practitioner Courses will teach you all of this and much more. For instance modelling techniques to learn from masters and accelerated learning techniques to pick up new knowledge such as information about markets, products and competitors. The modern sales professional needs a full tool kit and NLP can give them that.

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image The only NLP Training Provider of choice for the NLP Scotland community is the NLP Company, run by Rintu Basu. NLP Hypnotic Persuasion Skills Training is undertaken in the UK exclusively by Rintu. His main focus is delivering high quality NLP Training Courses as well a maintaining a private NLP Coaching practice. For more NLP Sales tools go to The NLP Company website.

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